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HD 720p League of Gods (2016)
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League of Gods (2016)

League of Gods    

PG-13 109 min ActionFantasy

IMDB: 4.6/10 98 votes

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Hong Kong


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Nonton Film League of Gods (2016) Online Subtitle Indonesia (Chinese: 3D封神榜) is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese fantasy film directed by Koan Hui and Vernie Yeung based on the novel Fengshen Yanyi by Xu Zhonglin and starring an ensemble cast of Jet Li, Tony Leung, Louis Koo, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Wen Zhang, and Jacky Heung.[3][4] The film was released in China on 29 July 2016.

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During the reign of King Zhou (Tony Leung Ka-fai), an official enters his bedchamber, and is devoured by the monstrous tails of Daji (Fan Bingbing), his concubine. Outside their city, several warriors within a metal wagon discuss their strategies to free the Invisible People and their Chief, when Jiang Ziya (Jet Li) appears to them. He tells them that when King Zhou was younger, he let himself become possessed by the Black Dragon for his quest for power.

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Within the city, King Zhou and Daji hold a festival, in which the chief of the Invisible People will have his eyes plucked out, so that they can know about the future. The chief plucks out one of his eyes, and King Zhou sees himself pleading for mercy in one of the eyes’ visions. The warriors sneak into a prison and fight several guards, whereLeizhenzi (Jacky Heung), a member of the Adept tribe, uses his powers to destroy the metal bars that seal the Invisible People, even though he was warned not to use them there. This attracts Shen Gong Bao’s (Louis Koo) attention, and he rides on his black leopard to pursue them. Many of the Invisible People are then killed by more guards. Nonetheless, the warriors manage to escape with the Invisible Children, who use their powers to appear in another location. To stop Shen Gong Bao from advancing any further, Leizhenzi destroys a wall and creates a barrier. As he and a warrior talk, he explains about his past, in which his father was killed by an invading army that exterminated most of the Adepts, and his wings were torn off his back.

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League of Gods (2016)
League of Gods (2016)
League of Gods (2016)
League of Gods (2016)
League of Gods (2016)
League of Gods (2016)
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