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HD 720p From Vegas to Macau II (2015)
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From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

The Man from Macau II    

N/A 109 min Comedy

IMDB: 4.7/10 656 votes

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China, Hong Kong


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Nonton Film From Vegas to Macau II (2015) Online Subtitle Indonesia (賭城風雲Ⅱ) is a 2015 3D Hong Kong-Chinese action comedy film directed and written by Wong Jing and starring Chow Yun-fat, Nick Cheung,Carina Lau, Shawn Yue, Angela Wang and Michelle Hu. The film is the sequel to From Vegas to Macau The third installment of the series, From Vegas to Macau III was released on February 8, 2016.

Nonton FIlm Online Subtitle Indonesia di :

The gang’s not all here in this bungled attempt to extend the boisterous action and comedy of Wong Jing’s 2014 gambling-themed hit.

Milking his cash cow until its udders shrivel, Hong Kong king of kitsch Wong Jing delivers a hatchet job with “From Vegas to Macau II,” a casino caper that fails to re-create the dynamic action and zany fun of the original hit. Putting its cardsharp hero through various escapades in Thailand that prove largely irrelevant to his mission to topple a gambling syndicate, the film shortchanges its starry cast with its shambolic plot and imbecilic gags. Still, leads Chow Yun-fat, Nick Cheung and Carina Lau give their charming best, helping the pic become China’s current B.O. champ — a winning streak that probably won’t extend beyond Asia.

When Wong pioneered the “God of Gamblers” trilogy in the ’90s, the films’ garrulous energy and wish-fulfillment elements suited the convivial mood of Lunar New Year, making it a regular launchpad for festive releases. With mainland high-rollers thronging Macau’s casinos, it’s no surprise that 2014’s “From Vegas to Macau,” which rehashed elements from “God of Gamblers,” drew $85 million at China’s New Year box office. Capitalizing on and outpacing that film’s success, the sequel has reaped more than $97.6 million in nine days, dethroning the more lavishly produced Jackie Chan-John Cusack war epic “Dragon Blade.”

Nonton Film The Magnificent Seven (2016) Online Subtitle Indonesia di :

Nonton Film From Vegas to Macau II (2015) Online Subtitle Indonesia opens on a yacht where Ken (Chow), cardsharp extraordinaire, is drawn into a mahjong game, where he barely has a chance to show off his skills before a gang of bikini-clad babes appear on the scene wielding very large guns. But hopes for more salacious appeal, a la Wong’s “Naked Weapon” series, will be dashed as the rest of the yarn turns out to be glaringly sexless given the director in question.

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From Vegas to Macau II (2015)
From Vegas to Macau II (2015)
From Vegas to Macau II (2015)
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