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HD 1080p Blood in the Water (2016)
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Blood in the Water (2016)

Blood in the Water    

N/A 91 min CrimeMysteryThriller

IMDB: 4.1/10 150 votes


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Nonton Film Blood in the Water (2016) Online Subtitle Indonesia is movie about Percy and Veronica (Alex Russell and Willa Holland) have been housesitting in a spectacular Hollywood mansion all summer, frolicking by the pool and, in Percy’s case, fantasizing about a career as a white-boy bluesman. Then they get a surprise guest, Freedgood (Miguel Gomez). He doesn’t look like a fratboy, but the film tells us he was both Percy’s “big brother” and Veronica’s boyfriend in college, before he got sent to jail for selling drugs.

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Now free, he’s back in the game and prosperous, eager to motivate the underambitious Percy. “See this shoe? Only 10 stores in the world sell this shoe,” he brags. Percy should want that kind of shoe. And whether he wants it or not, Percy had better use his special chemistry know-how to help Freedgood pull off a big drug deal he has going.

In most drug-trade flicks, you don’t need an advanced degree to cut a batch of cocaine and double your inventory. But Blood in the Water isn’t most drug-trade flicks; it just tries to look and sound like them. Less convincing than this bros-in-the-hood action is Freedgood’s attempt to re-seduce Veronica, who spends part of the movie giving Percy grief about his career prospects. “Playing a guitar for free is not a job,” she complains, just before Freedgood steps in to assert his alpha-male status. Holland never seems sure whether Veronica is filled with lust for him or just wishes she hadn’t invited him to stay with the couple.

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The story is told in flashbacks, as a present-tense detective grills Percy and Veronica on Freedgood’s untimely and suspicious death. Knowing that this will all end in murder does little to infuse the movie’s limp drama with suspense. But viewers with nothing better to do might want to guess how the pic will ape The Usual Suspects in its closing scenes.

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Blood in the Water (2016)
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