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1 Season 10 Episode

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Air date2016-10-22
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.10

Synopsis of The K2 ep.10

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia – Je-ha’s fingers are clasped around the door handle when Anna’s voice transmits through the walkie-talkie. He leaps across the room in silence, nearly hurting himself before picking up in an even voice. She says he forgot to tell her goodnight, so he does. Content, she tells the radio to sleep well, as he does the same. Mi-ran applies makeup on Anna’s face the next morning, and giggles that Anna needs to have her first kiss too. Recalling how Je-ha administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation following her allergy attack, Anna says she’s already been kissed.

Nonton KDrama dan TV Series Online Subtitle Indonesia –

Anna pouts while Mi-ran laughs at how that doesn’t count as a kiss—why, she was even kissed yesterday. Curious, Anna clings to that slip-up, and Mi-ran quickly changes the subject, explaining how she let Anna have Je-ha. Anna rolls her eyes at that, and Mi-ran smiles that they’ll apply some lipstick that make her lips magically kissable. She runs out looking for Je-ha, and looks disheartened when she’s told that he left early this morning.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia  – What she doesn’t know is why, as we hear the housekeeper recall how Je-ha had planned to meet Yoo-jin so she wouldn’t hunt Anna down anymore. We see Je-ha get out of his car for a smoke when he’s sent a selca of Anna looking dolled up. He scoffs, and the text is quickly followed up with a call from Anna herself, who anxiously asks for his opinion.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia –

She beams when he says she looks pretty and declares that he’s hers now. He’s initially puzzled and then sighs, telling her to think however she likes. She tells him to stay safe today, and he replies that he will. He meets Yoo-jin outside her home and rides along in the car, where she asks if Anna likes her new situation. He answers “yes”, but when she asks when they’ll return, he says nothing, which infuriates her.

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