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1 Season 11 Episode

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Air date2016-10-28
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.11

Synopsis of The K2 ep.11

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia – Master Song insists on joining the JSS agents on their mission to take out Representative Park while CEO Gook calls the police commissioner about switching sides. The politician’s men spot the drove of vans leaving the JSS headquarters, and thanks to the police commissioner, Representative Park is tipped off about tonight’s planned attack at his home. His secretary decides it’s safer to escort Representative Park to a hideout, knowing full well that they’re being followed. Indeed the car behind them is from JSS, and they’re momentarily stopped by a traffic cop who’s actually working for Representative Park.

Nonton KDrama dan TV Series Online Subtitle Indonesia –

As a supply truck leaves the JSS headquarters, the agent tailing Representative Park reports that he’s lost the target, only to spot a similar car a minute later. It’s a classic diversion technique, as the real car transporting the politician drives away safely. While the JSS agents stare down at Representative Park’s men in their respective vehicles, we see the supply truck—which contain JSS snipers—park outside the politician’s hideout. Sure enough, they see Representative Park’s car pull in.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia  – Yoo-jin is pleased to hear everything is going according to plan, even praising CEO Gook for his efforts. Over at the hideout, the policemen following Representative Park look awfully familiar—it’s Je-ha and Team Leader Seo. Representative Park’s secretary ask the men if they’ve eaten, but then everyone freezes when Team Leader Seo answers “yes.” Je-ha realizes that was a secret question, and he finds himself surrounded before he can pull out his gun.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 12 Subtitle Indonesia –

The men are instructed to shoot, but that’s when the JSS snipers start shooting them down like flies. Je-ha and Team Leader Seo take cover in the ensuing shootout, and run after Representative Park, who is escorted away from the crossfire. Both men keep their eye on the target, shooting at every opportunity. The snipers provide reinforcement, taking a shot whenever the target is in sight. Je-ha and Team Leader Seo tail Representative Park and his bodyguards into an office, where Representative Park’s secretary shoots Team Leader Seo in the back. The secretary throws the now empty gun away, and Je-ha comes face to face with more of Representative Park’s men. When one of them puts a gun to Team Leader Seo’s head, Je-ha shoots him down.

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