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1 Season 12 Episode

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Air date2016-10-29
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.12

Synopsis of The K2 ep.12

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 12 Subtitle Indonesia – Se-joon joins the Democratic Party by Representative Park per his deal with Yoo-jin. It’s all smiles for the cameras but Representative Park grits out that this fight between them isn’t over until one of them is dead. Their secretaries exchange pointed barbs, one of which flies at Chief Joo, who acknowledges that it’s all due to Representative Park that he left the military long ago. Sung-won upholds his promise by taking Anna to her mother’s gravesite, though their visit is accompanied by the press. The reporters wonder why Yoo-jin would’ve left her allegedly close friend’s grave to be neglected over the years.

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Anna’s eyes well up in tears before her mother’s tombstone, and she places her hands over the mound. “Mom…” she softly cries. She tearfully apologizes that it took so long for her to get here, and adds that Mom shouldn’t wait up for her father because he won’t come. She asks her mother to sleep peacefully without any pills now. Her choice of words leave the reporters puzzled, so Sung-won bends down and says her mother and father are now reunited in heaven. He steps away to get a call from his informant: the TV host who has conducted Yoo-jin’s interviews.

She has another tidbit on Anna’s mother that we don’t get to hear but Sung-won is appreciative.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 12 Subtitle Indonesia  – Master Song is still upset that he was left out of the classified details on the attack against Representative Park. But he does know how Sung-won ended up inheriting JB Group in spite of Yoo-jin having much of the subsidiaries’ support. Yoo-jin was an excellent student but had poor taste in men, so when a playboy like Se-joon courted her, she naturally fell for him.

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Not only did the late chairman oppose the union, JB Group had fallen on tough financial times. So the late chairman lined up a bunch of chaebols for Yoo-jin to marry instead, but she refused to marry any of them. Conversely, Sung-won readily married his father’s choice of wife, so it’s all thanks to his in-laws that he became the JB Group chairman, which is why he’s acts so subservient to his father-in-law.

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