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1 Season 13 Episode

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Air date2016-11-04
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.13

Synopsis of The K2 ep.13

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia – Yoo-jin’s tearful announcement that Anna is Se-joon’s biological daughter leaves the reporters abuzz. She faints moments later, and Se-joon wheels her inside. Representative Park celebrates in his office while a furious Sung-won catches up to Se-joon prior to his press conference. His initial confusion turns into anger when Se-joon expresses his disappointment in him—the inmate who claimed to have been a witness to Anna’s mother’s death was an actor. During the briefing, Se-joon recounts how he’d fallen in love with Anna’s mother back when he was a lawyer in 1993. They had plans to marry, but in the following year, he’d been arrested while running for office and Um Hye-rin had married Director Go.

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Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia – Although the news had left him heartbroken, he was able to become an assemblyman two years later thanks to his current wife Yoo-jin. He goes on explaining how Um Hye-rin returned to Korea with a young Anna, and he describes the revelation that Anna was his daughter as “a nightmare.” Anna is in disbelief at the words, but Se-joon isn’t done yet: He portrays Yoo-jin as a devoted wife who accepted his past whereas Anna’s mother had threatened to reveal the truth unless Se-joon accompanied her and Anna back to the States.

“Lies,” Anna utters at the TV. She refuses to believe the words coming out of her father’s mouth as Se-joon says he had refused to comply to Um Hye-rin’s demands. He becomes more emotional when he touches upon that fateful night Anna’s mother’s death: Like so many other times, she’d threatened to kill herself unless Se-joon went to see her.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia  – He hadn’t believed her, and she was found dead the next day. While the death was ruled out as suicide, he feels responsible for the morbid consequence. He takes all the blame because his wife has been through enough by taking in Anna along with his painful past. Watching her father deeply bow in apology, Anna mutters, “Wait and see. Once the witness steps forward, Choi Yoo-jin is done for.” Speaking of whom, Yoo-jin sits in the interrogation room when the inmate is brought in. The detective grows frustrated when the man says he told Anna that he probablywitnessed Yoo-jin killing Um Hye-rin, but he never actually said it was her.

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The corner of Yoo-jin’s mouth curls upwards while on the other side of the glass, the police commissioner is told that this man had a solid alibi on the night of Um Hye-rin’s death. Sung-won calls Anna to inform her that they’ve been set up—they’ll be lucky if they aren’t charged for providing a false witness. Down in the sublevel, Secretary Kim confirms that the false witness was a trap for Anna. She doesn’t feel a bit of remorse for besmirching Anna’s mother’s reputation because she was protecting her boss. She smirks when Je-ha tells her that this ploy was a mistake on her part. Upon Yoo-jin’s release, she barely listens to the police commissioner’s apology before cutting him off and instructing him to give Representative Park her regards. She wears an apologetic mask in front of the press who ask if it’s true Um Hye-rin blackmailed them and if Anna knows about it.

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