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1 Season 15 Episode

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Air date2016-11-11
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.15

Synopsis of The K2 ep.15

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 15 Subtitle Indonesia – Sung-won ventures down to the Cloud Nine sublevel thanks to CEO Gook while Representative Park’s men corral the JSS agents. He marvels at the surroundings, and suffice it to say, Yoo-jin is not happy to see them. She orders her computer to close the doors which creates a soundproof glass barrier between them. Upon hearing Je-ha point out the explosives they’ve brought, she turns off the soundproofing to greet her unwelcomed guests.

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Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 15 Subtitle Indonesia – Eager to show off the bomb, Sung-won cackles while he inputs the sequence with a covered hand. He figures two hours should be enough for them to talk and makes himself comfortable. Yoo-jin is miffed when Je-ha turns on the soundproofing to ask where Anna is. He’s told Anna is on her way to see Lafelt, and then the soundproofing is dropped right before Representative Park calls.

Greeting everyone with a hearty laugh, Representative Park points out that his knight has captured the queen. “So you sent him in to kill me?” Yoo-jin returns airily. The politician hasn’t forgotten how he nearly died when she came after him, and he has only one demand: the USB.Sung-won chimes in that he just wants Cloud Nine, and so once again Je-ha mutes everyone else. He suggests that Yoo-jin honestly tell them that she doesn’t have the USB, and they’ll go after Representative Park. Again.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 15 Subtitle Indonesia  – So they go through with that play when Yoo-jin unmutes the system and tells the politician that the USB isn’t in her possession. CEO Gook confirms it and directs them to Je-ha, who tells Representative Park that it was all Burn Mark’s fault the memory drive isn’t in the politician’s hands yet. Representative Park declares that Je-ha has been working for him this entire time, which leaves CEO Gook in shock while Sung-won is simply amused. Although Yoo-jin calls Je-ha a traitor, she asks telepathically what he plans to do now. He responds in his head: “I’ll have to go catch Park Kwan-soo.”

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Je-ha continues to act like a mercenary when he’s asked to fetch the USB, as Representative Park promises to pay him and give him a bonus for his services. With that, he leaves the siblings to chat. Before Je-ha leaves, he and Yoo-jin turn their backs on Sung-won to have one final soundproof chat. When she worries about his weakened state, he tells her that he won’t come back to Cloud Nine. He advises that Yoo-jin do the same and leave this part of her life because she’ll likely be happier without it.

“I can’t leave Mirror behind,” Yoo-jin replies. “Because Mirror… is me.” He understands that this computer is a manifestation of her extensive power, to which Yoo-jin says that very understanding is why she gave him access to Mirror.

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