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Episode 2

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Episode TitleEpisode 2
Air date2016-09-24
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.2

Synopsis of The K2 ep.2

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia – Running a tight ship at home will prove difficult when unexpected attention forces our crafty politician’s wife’s hand; she’ll have to choose whether to keep the danger close or let it roam freely in the streets. And escaping handcuffs and evading the authorities is all in a day’s work for the former mercenary, but Je-ha will realize that living in hiding will no longer be an option when that lifestyle endangers the lives of innocent people.

Nonton KDrama dan TV Series Online Subtitle Indonesia –

As Anna stands paralyzed in the street, the flickering headlights remind her of when she had arrived at the police station following her mother’s death and had been bombarded by the bright camera flashes from the press. She had undergone questioning, where the psychiatrist had tried to coax an answer out of her. The detective had been frustrated when she’d said she didn’t know what happened, though the flashback within this flashback gives us a bit more insight: At her mother’s silent insistence, Anna had placed the bottle of sleeping pills in her mother’s outstretched hand.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia  –  She had peed herself remembering that, and tears had streamed down her cheek as she’d cried over and over again: “I killed my mother.” Back to present-day where one of car’s passengers, a fashion designer, sees Anna and declares her his new muse. Er, never mind the fact that she’s standing there petrified. Trembling, Anna says repeatedly in Spanish: “I did not kill.” A granny who leads her off the street is taken aback at the phrase, and Anna hobbles down the sidewalk, alone. Je-ha gets off at a bus station where he spots the police. So he heads to the bathroom and swipes a soldier’s uniform in order to blend in and exit without suspicion.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 3 Subtitle Indonesia –

Even in Yoo-jin’s gentle voice, her disappointment in the JSS for letting one man slip through their fingers is clear. She’s amused by the head of JSS’ pleas for a bit more time, since the banner hanger could’ve gone to the press or struck a deal with a rival candidate. Chief Joo, however, disagrees with his superior, believing that capturing Je-ha will be virtually impossible. He had been present during Je-ha’s training, thus can say with certainty that his abilities are beyond the JSS’ capabilities. Yoo-jin chuckles, “So you’re saying the JSS isn’t incompetent, but that he’s good?”

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