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Episode 6

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Episode TitleEpisode 6
Air date2016-10-08
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.6

Synopsis of The K2 ep.6

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia – Following a lengthy series recap, we pick back up at the sub-basement where Je-ha steps into an empty corridor that leads him to a glass door that requires a two-step identification verification for entry. Behind that door houses an expansive glass conference room, where Yoo-jin, Secretary Kim, the head of JSS, and Chief Joo are reviewing the profiles of the scholarship foundation’s board of directors who had sought after her dismissal.

Nonton KDrama dan TV Series Online Subtitle Indonesia –

Je-ha takes a seat as we zoom in on the ongoing conversation inside. Yoo-jin plans for a long, grueling legal case against one director and putting him on a recruiter’s blacklist. There’s video proof of another director getting it on with another woman, which Yoo-jin says they can expose to the world and have someone make sexual assault claims against him.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 6 Subtitle Indonesia  – But then on second thought, Yoo-jin decides that the director’s children should see that video first. Everyone else is taken aback by those words, and she finishes Chief Joo’s sentence about the children’s reaction to seeing a sexual video of their father: “Wouldn’t they want to commit suicide?” Or maybe not, with this video alone, she concludes. But the topic of death has been lingering in her mind—when she was faced with the rest of the family at the funeral, she had thought to herself what method of death would bring the least amount of pain?

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Seeing Je-ha waiting patiently outside, her face splits into a faint smile before composing herself once more. Anna overhears Mi-ran and gossiping about Je-ha being part of Cloud Nine downstairs. Mi-ran’s world comes crashing down when she realizes that means there’s no one on night duty tonight, and Anna looks up to the cameras. Je-ha steps inside the glass-encased conference room once the others leave. He admits he’s impressed by this structure Yoo-jin probably spent a pretty penny to have built. Not only are they several stories underground, but it’s also soundproof, making it ideal in keeping out potential eavesdroppers.

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