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1 Season 8 Episode

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Air date2016-10-15
SerieThe K2


The K2 ep.8

Synopsis of The K2 ep.8

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia – In the morning, Je-ha relieves a dozing Mi-ran and housekeeper of sitting by Anna’s bedside all night. He asks if Anna needs anything before he returns to the safe house later that day, and takes her silence as a no. “Why… did you bring my dad?” she asks. He answers, “So you wouldn’t die.” She doesn’t see why it would matter to anyone whether she lives or dies, which is when Je-ha tersely returns that a lot of people were worried about her.

Nonton KDrama dan TV Series Online Subtitle Indonesia –

She apologizes for making all the “baddies” like him worry, a term Je-ha takes in stride. He counters that she could at least appreciate how everyone is breaking their backs to protect her. “Making me ramyun, giving me ice cream, and pretending to be like my dad… is that what you call protecting me?” She fires back. She tells him to leave, and Je-ha mutters that he made a worthless promise to her father before storming out. “Promise?” Anna muses.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia  – Yoo-jin lashes out at Chief Joo and his superior, CEO Gook, when they arrive at her office regarding the latest attempt on Se-joon’s life. She scoffs at Chief Joo’s declaration to step down from his position in show of taking responsibility for the mess: “Don’t you know what the ways of stepping down are like here?” She moves on for now and learns that the police are pretending to investigate the case. She decides to deal with the woman accusing Se-joon of sexual assault at a later time, but right now they must hunt down the agent who betrayed them.

Nonton KDrama Online The K2 episode 9 Subtitle Indonesia –

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office follow up on Se-joon’s call for investigating major international finance corporations for corruption. While one company is presented with an arrest warrant, another undergoes a search and seizure. As promised, Se-joon arrives at the prosecutor’s office for his own investigation. Not only does the press bombard him with questions there, they’re also waiting outside Se-joon’s home.

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